Telphone: 666-777-666



Read the server rules before you fly!

  • No vulgar or abusive language.
  • You may attack planes on the ground with guns, rockets and bombs.
  • Do not steal kills or shoulder shoot. Cover your teammates rather than jumping in front of them or shooting from behind them. For more info on wingman etiquette ask an FS member.
  • Attacking your comrades will result in automatic banishment.
  • Keep the teams balanced. Join the smaller team when you enter!
  • If you score 15 team kills in one month you will be banned for the remainder of the month.
  • Select "refly" after you land, bail, or die.
  • Wingtip smoke is not allowed.
  • Fly with honor and respect.


Breaking the rules will result in being kicked or banished by an administrator. If you see rules being broken, please report it to an FS member.